Soi Paris

Canal Saint-Martin

Soi Paris is the story of two sisters who create beautiful and unique clothing with a twist.

Each print is designed by hand and inspired by a memory, a story or an event that held some significance in the sisters lives. At Soi, they tell stories that give a meaning to each item of clothing. Julia finds inspiration for her prints in the world around her, which she re-imagines in her own distinctive way. Soi Paris play with your senses to reveal unexpected interpretations. Julia works around the concepts of viewpoint and perspective. With her keen sense of observation and detail, she enjoys juggling with the visual perception of shapes and patterns. Her prints may be read in more than one way; in close-up or at a distance, you will not see the same thing.

The two sisters take the time to choose high quality fabrics carefully. Their creations are always printed on beautiful, comfortably soft materials. They are present at every step of the production process to check that the quality of their clothing is impeccable.