Les Petits Prödiges

Créateur de Paris

The magic beauty balm made from 100% natural ingredients that may well become the only beauty product you need!

After having worked in major cosmetic companies, Camille and Clementine discovered that most of the cosmetic products on the market have too many different ingredients and are too expensive. This is when they set about creating a product that would include as little ingredients as possible, from natural sources and would be multi-functional.

These little balms contain no more than 8 100% natural ingredients, that have been made in the South of France with love ♡

Les Petits Prödiges have created this balm that is suitable for the whole family and has various benefits and uses! Eg. Skin care, hair care, lip balm, massage balm, after shave balm, after sun balm.... The possibilities of its use go on and on!