Kubo Pâtisserie

Créateur de Paris

Kubo Pâtisserie is the unique French brand that is taking French style baking to new sensory levels. What better than to mix two things that the French do so well? Perfume and Pâtisseries! The founder of the company, Hélène Deguen, has 7 years of experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry and she also achieved her CAP in pâtisserie in 2015. Her aim was to unite her two passions to create a unique product that is a treat for the senses. 

With the help of two parfumeurs from Symrise, Pierre Kurzenne and Marine Ipert, the collection was launched with a lot of talent behind its belt. Pierre has worked at Symrise for 20 years and has a wide knowledge and understanding of mixing and creating scents. Marine studied at the perfumery school of Symrise and has joint the Parisian team in creating scents. 

The concept is unique: to create a perfume that you can smell whilst tasting the delicatly flavoured cakes and biscuits that link themselves together with matching flavours and scents. Come discover the original world of Kubo Pâtisserie and you will not be disappointed!