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    Quotes about Paris

    A few of our favourite quotes about our favourite city.

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    Brand of the Month - La Chambre aux Confitures

    Our brand of the month is Parisian brand La Chambre aux Confitures, giving French jam traditions a unique and delicious twist.

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    Autumn in Paris

    Summer is over but one of our favourite seasons in Paris has just begun...

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    Where to eat Vegan/Vegetarian food in Paris

    Forget frogs legs and snails, Paris is much more than these traditional dishes. The Parisian Vegan/Vegetarian scene has taken the city by storm, disocver some of your favourite spots!

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    Discover the Hidden Streets of Paris

    Paris has always been a city filled with secrets that only the locals know about. If you’ve been to Paris before and you have done all the typical touristy things, maybe on the next trip to the capital you’d like to live like a local and discover the gems that the city has to offer off of the beaten track.